Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pro Win #2 and European Q-School

The past few weeks have been very exciting!

A few weeks ago at the Long Beach Open I shot scores of 73,73 - 146 to barely miss the cut.  Not too pleased with my performance, I re-evaluated my game and practice habits and things started coming together.  I am spending more time on my 8 iron to PW, which is bringing me more realistic birdie opportunities and eliminating the occasional missed green from inside 150 yards.  I am also running through a few different putting drills that focus on making pressure putts from 15 feet and in.

Last weekend I won a mini tour event by shooting -8 (64) in Reno, Nevada.  Everything seemed to come together and my putting was as solid as it has ever been.  I am hoping to keep this momentum going because I am booking my flight for European Q School in the next few days.   The first stage is in Portugal, September 24th - 27th!

I hope everyone is doing well and you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

California Summer Update

Since heading to California three weeks ago, I have seen some immediate success.  In my first two Players Tour events I have placed 3rd and 7th!  My game feels good and there is no question that my added strength is helping.  My swing is more controlled and I'm hitting my driver about 15 to 20 yards longer!

I have really been focusing on my putting inside 20 feet.  Every week the players at the top of the leader board are the ones making their short to mid range putts and thats where I need to get!  I thought it would be fun to share my daily practice routine with your guys.  I do this a few times a week and the other days I focus mainly on playing.

Practice Routine
Range: Focus on routine and visualization before every shot.
(Remember to not worry about distance control on the range.)
  • Warm up: Short pitch shots, ½ Tempo Full Swings = ½ Distance

    • Ladder your pitches: Each shot longer than the next.  

    • Technical: Swing changes you have been working on with your coach.  

  • Feel:   4 Shots: High Fade, High Draw, Low Draw, Low Fade

        • Have one trigger/ swing thought to hit each shot.
        • Complete drill with slight draws and fades and also more significant draws and fades.
5 Fades, 5 Draws: Never cross target line.
        • Hit shots at controlled tempo to feel club and shot shape.  
        • Fades should fly considerably shorter than your draws.
TEMPO: Different clubs – 60%, 80%, 100% - aim to different targets.
        • 60% = Lowest, 80% = Standard Shot, 100% = Highest
    • Tourney Prep: Play the course in your head picking targets on the range.

Extra focus on specific shots needed for the tourney.
Wedges: Focus on ¾ and full shots with all your wedges.
- Extra focus on hitting highest (58* full swing) and lowest (54* ¾ swing).  
Short Game: Focus on the landing area for shots around the green.
  • Bunker: Hit long, short, high spin and low spin shots with both wedges.  Even shots you wouldn’t normally hit on the course.  
  • Chipping: Rough and fairway.
  1. Hit both wedges to the same hole:  Learn your options for every shot.
  2. Same wedge: Hit from different locations, different targets every shot.  
  • Study your divots for precise contact and different shots.  
- Compete with others or yourself to make it more fun: Closest to the hole, up and downs, 10 balls different locations: how many can you hit inside 5 feet?

Putting: Visualize the ball rolling in the cup before every putt.
    • Technical: Ball position w/ 2 sticks, 3 footer w/ stick on putter toe + edge of cup
    • Feel: 30, 45, 60: Must 2 putt 3 balls from the 3 locations and then 2 putt a     final 60 footer.

        • Complete: Uphill and Downhill.
5 Balls Out 5 Balls Back: 2 Putt all 10 holes.  
Square Drill: 8 balls shaped in a square around hole.   Beat best score.  
1 Ball 18 Hole Course: Par 36

- Compete with yourself or a friend with all these drills.
This was a foggy afternoon at the Olympic Club's Cliffs Course a few days ago. Such an amazing place to practice!

I hope everything is well on the east coast!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back in CT for a few weeks.

My California trip want very well! I came in 4th place at the Wente Vineyards Players event and 7th at the Golden State Tour Shootout at Bayonette Golf Club in Monterey,CA. While out there, I had the chance to play the Olympic Club and the California Golf Club. For anyone who appreciates golfed course design, these two courses are a must!

I have been back in CT for a week now and I will be practicing and playing at Brooklawn every day. If anyone is interested in playing please let me know!

I plan on heading back to California at the start of May and playing the US Open Local qualifier at Half Moon Bay Golf Club on May 8th. After that I have a full schedule of Golden State Tour, Players Tour and west coast state opens lined up through the summer.

I hope all is well and I look forward to seeing everyone at Brooklawn in April!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Florida to California

The past few months were a great experience in Sarasota, Florida.  I had success on the West Florida Tour with 2 top 10's and top 15's in every tournament.  I even got to meet up with Brad Worthington at the PGA Show in Orlando.  Although my game improved in Florida, I was in a better environment and pushed harder playing on the Players Tour and Golden State Tour in California last year.

I have made the decision to head back out to the San Francisco Bay Area and start competing on these two tours again.  I have been out here for two weeks practicing at Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Club in Monterey, CA.  I have been staying with 3 teammates from Cal who are all playing professionally as well.  We eat sleep and breathe golf every day.  I couldn't ask for a better and more focused environment.  As I continue to develop as a person and a golfer I am confident competing on the west coast tours will best prepare me for Q School and the PGA Tour.

I had the chance to play the Olympic Club last week.  Here is a picture from the back tee on hole #2.  The place is amazing!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Florida Update

I have been in Sarasota, Florida for the past month now and everything is going great!
I've been playing out of Sara Bay Golf Club and competing on the West Florida Professional Golf Tour.  I have two top 15 finishes in my first two events and am looking forward to Monday's event at Sara Bay GC.

I am especially pleased with the focused and competitive environment down here.  Surrounded by other pros, I am seeing my game develop through long hours of practice and daily on-course competition with the other local pros.  

I plan on competing weekly on the West Florida Tour through May.
You can check out the tour at:  http://westfloridagolftour.com/

My new office:  Sara Bay Driving Range

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Q School

A few weeks back I competed in the PGA Tour Qualifying School tournament in Monterey, CA. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in advancing to the next stage by a few strokes. Yes, I wanted more than anything to advance through Q School and get myself closer to my ultimate goal, playing on the PGA Tour.

I am am going to take Q School as another learning experience and use it to improve my game in every way possible.

I will be headed to Florida in 2 weeks and plan on competing every week all the way through April. Florida is the perfect environment for me to push my game to the next level and I couldn't be more excited!

Although Q School was a disappointment I am positive about my future as a professional golfer.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Preparing for Q School

In the past few weeks I have seen my game continue to improve.  I have been focusing on my swing fundamentals and hitting a more consistent draw with my driver and 3 wood.   Two weeks ago I shot 68 for a T8 finish in the Boston Open followed by a T40 finish in the Met Open.

Looking back on the summer, my results were much better than the year before.  The most improved aspect of my game is my attitude.  I have much more patience when it comes to overcoming a bad shot, hole, or even a missed cut.  Most golfers, including professionals, fall victim to doubt.  When faced with adversity I have learned to stick to my game plan and trust way I swing the golf club.

I begin PGA Tour Q School on September 11th at Black Horse Golf Club in Monterey, CA.  I am prepared to play my best golf and am confident it will go well.

Thank you again for your continued support!

Here is a picture of me playing a practice round at Black Horse GC back in April.